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Jesus explains...
My Advice for a healthy and happy Marriage & Spiritual Partnership

October 19th, 2014 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Clare began... Tonight, He wants to address the issue of husbands and wives. This is an important issue, because our failure or success of marriage and in the spiritual life depends on understanding God’s spiritual order of things. I have to say I’ve been a very rebellious female; I’ve not honored my husband or men in general in my life. I’ve always looked at men as equals.

In a sense I don’t see anything wrong with that. Paul said, “There’s neither male nor female except God has established the male for the covering of the wife in marriage (Galatians 3:28).” This is a prophetic message and these are the Lord’s words. At the end of the message I will talk about the ways I’ve dishonored my husband.

Jesus began… “Clare, I want you to address this area of covering and discernment in marriage. I’m serious about this. I know you are reticent, but I need you to trust Me.”

“Many women are ahead of their husbands. That’s the nature of the world and things, but many don’t see what is behind. What I mean by that is, they don’t see Me in their husbands. How can you nourish what you don’t see? They’re looking for some story-book, spiritual giant when I inhabit the lowly and the hidden. Men are easily intimidated by their wives. They don’t always let on to that effect, but they are. I guarantee that.”

“Intimidation forces a man to withdraw and relinquish ground he suspects he should be taking. A man’s duties in the world keep him preoccupied with providing for his family. When he comes home, he is tired and the last thing he wants to do is press into time with Me. He sees his wife taking the lead, partially because she has the time to study and pray. He knows he can’t compete and he steps back to do what is easiest with him. I’m more concerned about him, because this pattern of relinquishment is detrimental with his relationship with Me and with his wife. She grows; he stagnates. Unless he is a very unusual man with a strong desire for Me. At this point, I must tell these ladies – recovering a lost man is an art form. It’s a delicate job that requires much introspection of a wife and much submission and much, much work.”

(Clare) You mean, measuring our words and ultimately our attitudes?

(Jesus) “That’s correct. The words are merely superficial manifestations of a heart attitude. My counsel to all women who find themselves in this place: see Me in your husband and cultivate Me, so I can dominate Him. So it’s safe for Me to come out and take the lead. You know what you’ve gone through and you can share some of that.”

(Clare) So, Lord, you mean my struggles with having things done my way?

(Jesus) “Yes, and in other things, secret criticisms. Little foxes that nip at the man’s ego. Things you may not say out loud, but he perceives it in your attitude toward him. I know you are still struggling with this and I am helping you, but because it is fresh in your mind, you do have something solid to share with them. Keep reminding them that demons are at work 24/7 to undermine a man’s honor in the home and in the world for that matter.”


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