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Damini - দামিনী | 03rd Jan 2019 | Full Episode | Episode No 122

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Episode 122:

About Damini :

This is a story about a woman, her sacrifices and how she overcome the struggle she faces with strength and willpower.

Mother Nature can be very generous. She has humbled us with love, kindness, beauty, fertility and most of all, she has embraced us all for who we are. She can also be cruel at times. A blessing or gift however you want to put it, the ability to give birth, bearing a child, nurturing a child inside her womb is a wonderful thing. It is the happiest and most serene feeling ever for a woman. But, Damini, wasn’t one of the lucky ones. She’s barren.

After the passing of Shantanu’s mother, Damini had become the matriarch of the family. She’s responsible for the day to day chores in the house. Everything goes through her. Nothing escapes her. The transition was almost natural. Their father was never around much even before their mother’s death. And after their mother’s death, he has almost disappeared too. Ocassionally he visits. He has maintained a good relationship with Damini. Everyone love and honour Damini. Shantanu supports her. Shantanu runs a successful business. Shantanu is the oldest in the family has two younger brothers. Hemraj, the younger brother (middle) (Hemraj is married to Alpana) and Riyan, the youngest one (Riyan and Aradhya who is Alpana’s sister in love & ran away together). Damini has always been a happy, cheerful, a positive person. She’s a blessing for the family. But there’s a sadness and a discontentment behind her smile. It’s been 10 years since, Damini and Shantanu being married, with no children. The fact that she’s barren hurts her the most. She feels incomplete as a woman and the reason for unhappiness in their marriage.

Later, Damini and the family finds out that, Shantanu has another family with a child. Shantanu’s second wife Madri and his son Bhairab. Shantanu was frustrated with his life with Damini. He was sad and discontent everyday, until, Ram Charan entered his life. (Ram Charan is a selfish, greedy person who is always on the lookout for personal gain. He saw an opportunity and manipulated Shantanu into marrying his own daughter, Madri. Madri, acquired same with added cruel personality traits from her father). Everything got upside down in Damini’s life. She was in distraught. Shantanu was embarrassed to even talk to Damini. Shantanu and Damini talked for hours. Even though Damini was heartbroken, she finally decided to welcome his second family home. Everyone in the family initially disagreed, but then, Damini reasoned with them and they finally agreed to it.Things started to happen soon after the family moved in. Madri was already set to take over Damini’s position in the family. She (Madri) started to plot against her (Damini). Madri started to fill Shantanu's head with ill ideas against Damini. Time went by, Shantanu starts to distrust Damini, he starts to re-think about their relationaship. Shantanu becomes more distant to Damini. The stress begins to bother Damini. She decides to leave the family and stay apart. Another sudden visit from Jagat, helped her to re-think. Jagat advised her that, if, she ever has to leave this place. this place will turn into a hotel. This will no longer be a home or a family. Everyone will become apathetic to one another. There will be no love. Damini is the glue that holds this place together. If she leaves the whole place will crumble down into pieces. She understood decided to stay put.

The story continues with her continuing struggles and overcoming them.

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